Resident Responsibilities

Upon admission to Sunset Nursing and Rehabilitation Center each resident shall agree to assume the following responsibilities:

  • Courteous, respectful behavior towards other residents and members of staff.
  • Cooperation with fire and safety regulations of the facility, (i.e. smoking is permitted in designated areas only).
  • Respect for the personal property of other residents and members of staff.
  • Respect for the privacy of other residents.
  • Adherence to the off-premises visiting policy, including the signing of a release form prior to leaving the nursing home.
  • Each resident on a 'Therapeutic Home Visit' is to comply with pre-arranged conditions for their stay.
  • Within their ability and understanding of their medical regime, to accept prescribed medical treatment. The resident agrees that when the resident's personal physician is not available the facility is hereby authorized to arrange for an alternate physician. The Resident agrees to an annual physical examination once a year and a physician's visit at lease once every thirty days or to the number of days in alternate schedule of patient visits and when medically indicated, and agrees to pay the cost of such physician examination and visit. 
  • Each resident or their responsible party is to make initial arrangements for the payment of their nursing home care bill and is to follow through with any budgetary arrangements. 
  • To the degree of their ability, each resident shall care for the furnishings of the room that they occupy (refers to non-destructive behavior, not to housekeeping chores). 
  • As soon as a resident anticipates pre-planned transfer or discharge to another facility or home, the resident or responsible party shall notify the administrator and/or the social service department of the facility (at least a three-day notice is requested).
  • Each resident and/or their responsible party shall make arrangements for the payment of their skilled nursing care.
  • If the medical staff considers it to be in the best interest of the resident, the resident agrees to be transferred to another health care setting providing the appropriate medical service.
  • Residents agree to bring personal and comfort items to the facility which comply with fire and safety regulations, conform to the space allotted in the room and which will not interfere with care activities or the rights of other residents. No fire arms, hot plates, scatter rugs without approved backing, electric blankets, heating pads, electric heaters, vaporizers, etc. are permitted. Residents may not keep medications (either over-the-counter or prescription medications) or alcoholic beverages in their rooms. All electronic devices (i.e. televisions, portable radios, fans, etc.) must be inspected by facility personnel prior to resident use.